Oct 6, 2014

our life lately // vol. 4

Goodness it's been quite the week! We've thoroughly enjoyed having Ryan home for a week after missing him last week and sending him off for work again this week. Busy travel schedule for that guy lately, and though I'd love to join him, traveller's insurance for lady's with baby bumps is hard to come by it would seem. So at home with the pup I stay. Thankfully good friends, family, diy crafting sessions and long lingering walks with Lincoln keep me pretty busy so missing Ryan isn't always on my mind. 

Having Ryan home last week, we capitalized on some quality family time. We started with celebrating Ryan & his brother Kelly's birthdays with a lobster feast on Sunday night as soon as we'd picked him up from the airport.  Getting home late that night we were greeted an overly cuddly Lincoln at the door and promptly headed out for a midnight walk along the river.  Probably one of my favourite things, I'd have to say. Walking in the pitch black with my guys (and little lady too!), the moon and stars putting on quite the show as we feel our way down pathways in the night. Us together and Lincoln alternating between bounding through the forest and then back up to the pathway, threading between us often as if to check in and make sure we don't have to look for him. It's such sweet, simple time and makes up some of the very best things in life I think. 

Thursday I hosted a Pampered Chef party with my neighbour which was a total blast! Quite the shindig we were able to pull together and I don't think I could have enjoyed it more. 25 ladies attended and cooked like the pampered chefs they are. It was the first get-together we've had in the home and something about that made it really feel like our home, you know? 

On Saturday we had Ryan home all day to study for his upcoming course and that was a special treat! We enjoyed a great day as a family, Ryan studying and me catching up on some baby reading. Figure it's time I crack open a couple books ;) The day took a strange turn when we found ourselves enjoying dinner at a pub and encountered a rather rude and inebriated woman who decided to overwhelm us with her less than savoury account of the hardships of parenting after realizing I was pregnant. Feeling a little shaken up (not from what she said since her account was her own experience and ours will be uniquely our own … but more from the genuine rudeness of a stranger on a day where we had little patience for it) we decided to grab a late night donut and decompress at the Tim Horton's around the block. And wouldn't you know it, faith in humanity = totally restored. The kindest lady opened the door for us as we entered smiling wide and then the sweetest boy took our order and was sure to crack a couple jokes while he had our attention. We left Tim's feeling like all was right again in the world. As random and unlikely as that sounds, a late night donut stop just so happened to expose us to the kindest people we'd encountered all day and it was lovely. 

Early Sunday morning, after Ryan left for the airport Lincoln and I joined Crystal, Natalia, Roman the Great Dane, Eli the Irish Wolfhound & Trigger the Miniature Pincher (just the cutest pack of dogs you ever did see)  for a 10 km hike to Kananaskis.  Coincidentally it was Lincoln's 2nd birthday! So an epic hike & combined with the super tasty birthday treat his Auntie Tara dropped off for him later in the day made for a pret-ty amazing day I'd say. We got home in the early afternoon and were legit couch potatoes the rest of the day. 3 romantic comedies, 2 cookies, 1 pampered chef order and a blog post or two later and we were spent.

Now here we are … hello Monday! Looking forward to what you have in store for us this week :)

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