Oct 7, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 6/31


When we built our home, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the lighting options the builder had to choose from. They weren't terrible, they just weren't totally us, you know? The whole package lacked a little personalized character, if you will. But instead of trying to make one of their upgrade packages work (paying the upgrade fee and not being totally satisfied) we decided to take the lighting package that was included with the goal of substituting certain lights as we could in the future. Lighting can be expensive so we're not in a rush to complete this task. But if we encounter a light fixture we just love and the price is right, we're open to replacements. 

This exact scenario unfolded when I saw these kitchen pendants listed at 50% off on Restoration Hardware's website! I sent Ryan the picture and he loved them too. So we jumped at the opportunity and a couple weeks later, we had these beauties hanging above our eating bar, Edison bulbs and all. They add a really cool, industrial vibe to the kitchen and we love that. 

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic lights! Perfect choice for your kitchen, and I love those barstools as well!


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