Oct 31, 2014

our life lately // vol. 5


Oh goodness! Has life ever been busy and wonderful lately. Its seems the closer we get to little baby's due date, the more our errands, conversations, interactions and events are influenced by the excitement over her arrival. A couple of weekends ago was no exception. On October 18th my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law hosted the most beautiful baby shower for our family and baby girl. So many of my family, family-in-law and friends were able to be there. And those who couldn't be there were so thoughtful in sending heartfelt messages, cards and even gifts in their absence. Honestly, it was a lot to process. It reminded me of the overwhelming love I felt at our wedding, looking out at all the faces in the church who had showed up to witness our ceremony and support us in our commitment. 

To be in a room surrounded by so many women I love and respect was an overwhelming blessing. As I did the gift opening, I remember saying 'I am going to have one seeeerrriously long and incredibly cathartic cry to myself later tonight because this is overwhelming'. And it was. The decorations were stunning, the food was incredible, the gifts were beyond generous and the genuine authenticity of beloved women of all ages coming together to wish us well in this new journey was a beauty all its own. 

Later that evening we met up at home. Ryan had had a long day and I was feeling that good ol' pregnancy tired that's been sneaking up on me from time to time on days when I've exerted myself more than normal. But regardless of how tired we both felt, something in us wanted to spend a little time in her nursery. So we sat on the floor while I recapped the shower for him. Slowly, in the low light of her sweet little nursery, we unpackaged gifts, read cards and reflected a bit on the magnitude of this little person joining our family and the many people already a part of our extended family who chose to shower her with love that day ... before they've even set eyes on her. We both agreed, we are so very blessed and grateful ♡


  1. What a beautiful baby shower! They outdid themselves, every detail is magical. You are such a beautiful, blissul mama-to-be, Carli! Best wishes for the days ahead.


    1. Thanks so much lady! They certainly did an incredible job. And now little Navy is here! I can hardly believe it. Where does the time go? Hope you and your family had an amazing Christmas!


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