Nov 27, 2014


On November 2nd I got to celebrate my 30th birthday with this growing little family of mine and it was  just perfect. The overcast weather showed up as if by request, which may seem unusual but just makes my heart sing. Cloudy, drizzly days are one of my love languages I swear :) Ryan had asked me several times what I wanted to do for my birthday and, after jumping through a million mental hoops trying to convince myself that I wanted a big party or something, I realized that all I wanted was a leisurely day with my family. And so that's what we did and it was wonderful. 

In the early morning we went adventuring down by the river with Lincoln, all bundled up for the cold front. After that we went to my favourite little coffee shop cabin here in town and really caught up with each other. Its amazing what a couple hours of really talking can reveal about the person you spend every day of your life with. We do our best to catch up each day and make special time for one another, but every now and then, a day like my birthday rolls around where the conversation just flows and my heart could just burst with joy and gratitude as I get to know this man all over again. 

The rest of the day was leisurely and included a lovely lunch with my family (those who are still nearby that is (we miss you Chad, Karly & Miranda!)…My Dad was able to fly back from a project in Montreal to be there to celebrate for the day, which was so special). 

Overall, I spent most of the day reflecting on the immense gratitude I feel for this life I've been given. It's easy to get bogged down with everyday life and sure, I experience worries, concerns and frustrations as much as the next person. None of us are immune to those real life things. But when I really stop and reflect, I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. And any worries or frustrations I might have been feeling seem to melt away as I consider the bigger picture and how blessed I am. Every now and then, a special day comes along that seems to engage my heart and mind in this understanding even stronger than the day before. My birthday was just such a day.


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