Jan 8, 2015

Navy Maya

Ryan and I with Navy at home on the day she was born ♡

Our sweet little Navy Maya was born at home on her due date, Friday December 12th, happy, healthy and entirely perfect. She has completely stolen our hearts. Its amazing, and nearly impossible to describe, those feelings of meeting her for the first time. Part of you understands that you're meeting this sweet little being for the very first time. But there's another part, deep in your heart, that recognizes her as though you've known her your whole life. The excitement of newness and the unmistakable comfort of familiarity all at once.

These last few weeks of adjusting to life with Navy have been so wonderful and all-consuming. We've slipped out of normal life and into the beautiful and hazy space that is life after the most perfect gift has arrived. I know in the coming weeks, we'll start to carve out a new rhythm of what our normal life will look like with little Navy in the mix. But for now, we are doing everything in our power to slow down, ignore the usual daily to-do's and remain contentedly lost in this new and wonderful time with our baby girl. 

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