Jan 12, 2015

our life lately // vol. 6

It's 1 in the morning. The house is quiet and calm, still twinkling with Christmas lights and Christmas trees who should have long since been packed away except that I can't seem to part with them and the beautiful glow they've provided as I navigated my way through these first days of motherhood. Middle of the night nursing and long mid-day naps and visits with the bounty of friends and family who've come over to meet our little lady have all been made that much more cozy by these seasonal and twinkly little friends of mine. It may seem trivial, something as simple as leaving our Christmas decor up a few days longer but this warm environment…everything that went into making this house our home over the last 11 months and seeing our space all cozy for Christmas…well it's felt like a hug really. Our little nest, the very space Navy was born in and the same space that has comforted us as we learned how to comfort her, has become this treasured part of this journey. Home has never felt more like home to me than now. 

Even at 1 am. I used to hate being up in the middle of the night. It felt unsettling to be awake while everyone else was sleeping. It used to feel lonely. But now its so much more! It's precious, quiet and tender time with my baby girl. It's midnight belly rubs with Lincoln after Navy's fallen asleep. It's the feelings of a heart so full it might burst when I look at my sleeping husband, resting after his long day's work, walking Lincoln, helping clean the house and cuddling his baby girl all night long so he can have that special time with her and so I can rest in anticipation of another night peppered with nursing sessions and newborn cuddles. It's me sleepily padding out of our room with Navy in my arms, en route to our favourite little corner of the couch, our path gently lit by the cozy Christmas lights that twinkle all night long in anticipation of these mid-night nursing sessions. 

It's all just felt like an embrace. A warm, welcoming embrace into motherhood. And I know its the people who really make this house feel like a home. And the puppy too! Let us not forget sweet Lincoln ;)  But this house…this space that sheltered us we welcomed Navy into this world…this space that's provided soothing rest when we most needed it…this personalized space, that when sleep evades us, is cozy enough to provide comfort while we wait for sleep to find us…well, I'm just so incredibly grateful for it. 

Life lately, has been firmly rooted in this space. We've been intentional about taking our time to adjust to parenthood and not overly eager to rush back to the hustle of everyday life. I've never spent so much time at home in my life, and I've never been more grateful for my home than over these past four weeks. Navy was born into this home, I've healed in this home, we've navigated the first weeks of parenthood together in this home, we've laughed and cried in this home, we've been blessed by the good company and love of friends and family in this home. Right now, as we savour these newborn weeks, this physical space feels like a vessel filled to the brim with the people and the moments I love. It has bore witness to my journey into motherhood and it has provided us every comfort along the way. So while there's been the odd errand run and social gathering, the majority of our first four weeks of parenthood and of little Navy's sweet life have been enjoyed right here at home. Life lately feels nested and rooted. Rich in everything that matters, all of which has been enjoyed in the warm comfort of our home. 


  1. Loved reading this.

  2. Stunning photos. Love any and all updates on your sweet baby girl. Congrats!


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