Feb 27, 2015


This past weekend my mom and I snuck away to Vancouver with little Navy to spend some time with my brother Chad and his sweet girlfriend Karly. That's right, a Carli and a Karly in the family…woop woop! Anyway, they moved to Vancouver this past August for Chad to pursue his engineering degree at UBC. Karly is an urban planner so Vancouver THE place to be when it comes to her profession as well. They fit Vancouver like a glove but that doesn't make us miss them any less. 

Fortunately Chad was able to come home for Christmas this year, so he met little Navy when she was only 6 days old! He was home for about a week, but we missed Karly dearly. So our little trip out there was momentous, not only because we got to catch up with some of our favourite people, but because Karly got to meet little Navy for the first time!  

Ryan was away in Washington, DC for work the week leading up to our trip and then our weekend overlapped with his return. Oh man did we ever miss him! He and I both agree that a week away from Navy while she is so little was almost unbearable. It feels like she changes every minute. I've never been more grateful for my iPhone and FaceTime that's for sure! All day, every day, I just spammed Ryan with pictures and videos and updates. It took the sting out of him being away for so long I think. At least a little. And on our end, knowing we had a wonderful weekend to enjoy with two people we love so much made his absence a bit more bearable. 

Anyway, pictures! 

⇡ Coffee shop cruising with these two. They know their java's and we love 'em for it ;) ⇡
⇡ Exploring some of the beautiful viewing platforms and art created for the olympics ⇡
⇡ Overalls!! Cutest gift from Chad & Karly ⇡
⇡ Meeting Karly for the first time!⇡
⇡ This. Smile. !!! ⇡
⇡ And a grumpy face while casually lounging with Uncle Chad for good measure ⇡
⇡ Mama bear voguing it out in gas town ⇡
⇡ Little water taxi over to Granville Island. Navy's second little trek out onto the ocean ⇡
⇡ The guy driving the boat assured me this was safe. He was totally chill about it. I, however, wasn't as cool about it. So I took a picture to remember my stroller, diaper bag and camera bag for posterity sake, in case it fell into the water haha ⇡
⇡ Beautiful Karly overlooking the floating homes in the bay ⇡
⇡ The most beautiful floating homes made up this little floating hamlet of sorts. And of course, we had to take a pic of this pup who has THE coolest life, obviously. I will neither confirm nor deny that we later hatched plans to befriend some of the floating home's residents just to get a glimpse into how they live ;) ⇡
⇡ Exploring Granville Island ⇡
⇡ Water taxi back to Vancouver ⇡
⇡ Sweet little girl, airport lounging and travelling like a pro. Almost breaks my heart how easy she is to travel with. I always think 'you know you are a new little baby, you're entitled to a meltdown every now and then.' In response, she flashes me her signature gummy smile and once again, I am a complete puddle on the floor ⇡

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