Apr 17, 2017

motherhood // Willa at 2 months

Hard to believe our little sweetie has already been with us 2 months! Her birth still feels like it was yesterday and yet, it also feels like she's been with us all along. She has the sweetest, calmest way about her and her entrance into our family continues to be so smooth. Thankfully Navy absolutely adores her and fluctuates between wanted to kiss and hold her gently to sometimes not even noticing her at all. She happily plays on her own most of the time and then occasionally snaps out of what she's doing and says with all seriousness, 'me go check on baby Wawa'. So cute! Also, often when I'm nursing Willa, Navy will come beside me and just lean her head gently on Willa's. Nothing makes my heart burst more than seeing them together and watching them kindly and graciously laying the groundwork for their friendship.

Willa has totally woken up from her newborn slumber behaviourally. While she still sleeps a lot of the day (two 3+ hour naps in her beloved swing...same swing Navy looooved as a baby), she's giving us a lot of happy awake time too. She tracks us as we move in front of her, doles out the sweetest gummy smiles almost every time you try to get one out of her and she's even started giggling from time to time. And oh my goodness! When she giggles I swear the world stops turning and she is literally all I can see ♡ She coos a lot lately when on her play mat or while awake in her bassinet. Hearing her little voice joining in with the daily sounds of our household makes me so happy.

She and I are co-sleeping and have been since she was born. I absolutely loved co-sleeping with Navy and found it was magical in helping both her and I sleep in those early months. I've found the same to be true with Willa. She sleeps from 9/10 pm - 9 am most days. One 6 hour stint to start the night (which is pure bliss for her and I!), then two nursings between 3/4 am - 9 am. She loves a tight swaddle right now, and with it, sleeps so peacefully in the bed with us. I credit co-sleeping with helping me not feel like a zombie parent of a new born haha. By co-sleeping with both girls, I feel like I skip over that zombie, sleep deprived, parent of a new born stage. Of course, it's all still very tiring, but a good night's sleep with only gentle interruptions sure makes a big difference! And both girls seem to really love how comforting it is to fall asleep so close to me. Makes sense considering how much time they spent tucked safe in my belly. With Willa, if she is breathing fast or restless I just hold her close and very intentionally, breath slowly and calmly. Almost instantly, I can feel her body calm and relax into sleep. Just amazing!

She's was 50th percentile for height and weight up until a couple weeks ago. However, she continues to struggle with reflux of some sort, so her weight gain has slowed a little bit (15th percentile at last check). So we're working on that with our doctor to see if we can curb the reflux and keep her weight gain on track. Other than that, she is a super happy and healthy baby. Just like her sister, she calms easily and is easy going most of the time.

 I am SO grateful she's joined our little crew. 2016 and all the life changes it brought with it, was challenging, especially while pregnant and chasing around after a toddler. But she was sooooo incredibly worth it! She is the most amazing little soul and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that she has joined our family.

*Wrote this forever ago and am just now realizing I never posted it! Little Willa is actually now nearly 6 montsh old! Can't believe it. Catching up on her monthly recaps over the coming days :)

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