Sep 30, 2017

Fall Festival in the City

Today was one of those seemingly normal days that turned out to be so incredibly special and most certainly, memorable. We hadn't seen mom (Nanny) in a while and she suggested we meet up for the Fall Festival happening at the Stampede grounds today. There were pumpkin spice pancakes, a mini corn maze, petting zoo, horse carriage rides, face painting, etc. and all for free! Good work city of Calgary! 

Before I had kids, I wasn't really too inclined to go to events like this. But since having Navy, and now Willa, these events truly have taken on new life for me. Seeing the girls take in the magic of a festival like this, well it's magic for mama too. 

This picture cracks me up. It's just so her. Living her life with max gusto. Good gracious I love this child!

Be still my heart. ↑

Willa (11 months now) is at the sweetest stage. She is eager to keep up with Navy and absolutely bursts with pride when she feels like she's keeping up with big sister. ↑ See what I mean?! I can't even handle her expression in that picture. It's just so her these days.  She is the most willing little adventure buddy and contented explorer these days. She seems to have the same gusto for life as her sister, daddy and I and we are positively smitten with her in every way. 

Navy was over the moon about her first face painting experience. For about two weeks straight she's been 'flying' around the house pretending to be a 'butterby with 'parkly pink wings'. So to have one of the exact description ;) painted on her face = major dreams coming true for our little lady. 

As I tucked Navy into bed tonight, just as I was about to walk out of her room she said "Mama, I want to go to another festival tomorrow. And have a another butterfly painted on my other 'cheeker'. I love my face painting sooooo much". I may have teared up as I promised we would find another festival soon, since that's what I call her sweet little cheeks and goodness. What rich joy it is to see her relish in the contentment of savouring good and simple things and sharing them with those you love. And being present to these two little girls delighting in community, celebration, fun and connection sure left mom and I feeling grateful and blessed. 

All day and well after we left the festival I just felt so rooted and so peaceful. Like I had spent the day doing exactly what I should be. Loving on my girls. Paying attention and feeling so overwhelmingly grateful for them and for it all ❤︎

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