Nov 18, 2017

motherhood // Willa at 1 Year

On October 24th, 2017 we celebrated 1 year with sweet Willa in our arms and in our life. It's true what they say, it's impossible to imagine life without her in ours now. She entered this world gracefully and peacefully and she's been as jovial and easy going nearly every day of her life so far. In the earliest months, the only challenge we really experienced was the reflux she struggled with. But thanks to our fantastic family doctor and the paediatrician he referred us too, we were able to get that under control around 8 weeks. Beyond those few challenging weeks, she has truly been the happiest, most easy going baby! 

She rolled at 3 months, started crawling at 7, standing and exploring with assistance at 9.5 and walked at 11! She says Mama, Dada, Navy, hi, doggie, kitty, fishy and most specifically likes to say hi with any of the other aforementioned words as her subject :)  She is a sight to behold, toothless and only 16.5 lb. walking around this world independently and with great excitement and wonder. We are routinely asked by curious bystanders how old this tiny, walking child is. She is moving around, talking, gesturing and communicating with brilliant aptitude these days which is just made more comical and intriguing by her truly petite size. 

Willa you are perfectly made and genuinely loved, deeply and wholeheartedly, for exactly who you are. With each day that passes we are even more grateful for the opportunity it is to know you, to guide you and to love you without reservation. Know that you deeply belong, both to yourself and in our family. We can't wait to see what this next year holds for you. We love you with everything we've got, baby girl ❤︎

Learning how to blow feathers across the room. Might be the cutest thing I've ever witnessed haha. 

The day we found out we were expecting little Willa, Valentine's Day 2016. Navy was 13 months. This whole day I was just in complete awe that in less than a year, we would have two babies to love on. So incredibly blessed. 
Family portrait, look at our happy grins!! We were so excited about baby #2, sweet Willa.
1 Mama + 2 babies ❤︎

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