Nov 17, 2013

Building Our New Home: Construction Update

Don't mind the sale sign. It looks like its on our lot, but its for the home beside ours :)
The walls are up, the windows are in, the doors and the shingles are on! Whats more, the electrical and plumbing is nearly finished and our first walk through is scheduled for Monday! 

I am so excited for all the indoor details to come together now but I have to say its been so neat seeing the exterior of the home take shape. We are finally able to visualize the backyard and now that the house is situated on the lot, we get to see the view of the trees in the backyard through all our rear facing windows; one of my very favourite features of the new home!


  1. So exciting! I can't wait to see more updates of your house, especially of the inside ; )
    I feel like I am living vicariously through your home building experience. Excited for you guys!!

    1. Thanks Meagan! It really will be neat to see it all come together! Excited for you to be moving into your new place soon enough. Hoping the sale process on your current home is going well too!

    2. If not knowing when we are moving means "going well", then things are going great haha! ;)

    3. O man! I hope there's been some progress recently and you have some idea of when you're moving now :)

  2. wow, good luck with everything! i'll be following you. :)
    xx romi


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