Nov 16, 2013

Art Market

Yesterday, like so many years before (since junior high!), Amy, baby Alexandra and I were able to sneak in a visit to Art Market yesterday to kick off the Christmas season! I've been going to this market for ages with my mom. Over the years my two closest friends have joined in on the fun. And while we missed sweet Nicole yesterday, Amy and I had a lovely time together soaking in the Christmas festivities. 

It's funny because in years past, we seemed to have purchased a whole lot more. But with the advent of  things like Etsy and Pinterest we've realized we're more likely to make things ourselves or shop unique artisans online versus purchasing many of our Christmas gifts at this kind of craft fair (read: we *may* have been some of the youngest in the bunch and felt like, contrary to our crafty peers, we weren't really in the market for more crocheted tea cozies ;) That said, we did manage to grab a couple yearly essentials; mainly Christmas candies and desserts. We're always in the market for those kinds of goodies at Christmas!

After chatting about it a bit yesterday, we both realized that going to this market each year isn't really about the stuff at all. Its more about savouring this time-honoured ritual of welcoming Christmas in cozy fashion with cherished friends and family. In doing so, we always leave with happy and festive hearts, excited for Christmas and grateful for such lovely friendship. I guess thats why, as the years go by, events like these seem more and more special to me ♡


  1. I am all about Christmas tradtions. I agree with the crafting thing though, I always like to see what everyone is up to, but always think "I can just make it myself"!

  2. I'm so jealous that Canadian Thanksgiving is so much earlier than the US! I still have a week and a half until I can (legally) kick off Christmas. Don't tell anyone, but I've been sneaking in a little Christmas music this past weekend....

    1. Power to you lady!! Never to early for Christmas I say :):):)


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