Nov 14, 2013

Lincoln's First Surgery

Whew! It's been a week. But friday is on the horizon and so I think we've made it! We're 1 week in with the most jumbo of puppies in the most jumbo of cones and so far we're surviving. 1 week down and 1 week to go. This poor pup got cut something fierce last Monday. By Thursday evening, as best I could tell past his fur, it seemed like things weren't healing so well. So, I took him to the vet and lo and behold. The cut was more like a puncture wound. And it was bad. go figure? he hadn't whimpered once and from the outside, things weren't looking that bad. but once the vets shaved the area it was apparent he would need a little surgery. So, we sent the little trooper in on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon he was en route home all stitched up and in a fancy little neck brace. The vets originally fitted him with the brace because they realized a cone for Lincoln's size would be outrageous and difficult to deal with around the house. however once we got him home, we realized he could still lick the stitches past the neck brace. cue me driving back to the vet to pick up the cone. I had a real life laugh out loud when I saw the darn thing. it is ginormous! but, its doing the trick. so we'll live with it!

Also, these two together. I don't know what it is but something about Lincoln lying there all sleepy just suggests that you, too, should lay down beside him. perhaps it's because he's human sized? or perhaps, its because when you do, he puts his paw on your shoulder and literally hugs you for joining him. even foggy from sedation, he'll give you the paw. it is THE best. and there's no one he's quicker to throw out the welcome paw to than Ryan. heart *melt*.

We're looking forward to petting our pup without having various extremities scraped and scratched by that menacing and oh so unpredictable cone ;) But we'll live with it a little while longer because thankfully, Lincoln is on the mend. 

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  1. I'm glad he is on the mend. That come is crazy. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Xox


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