Sep 3, 2014

Chad & Karly - On To New Adventures

My brother Chad and his sweet girlfriend Karly (Carli's/Karly's of the world are representing in our family, woop woop! ;) have moved to Vancouver as of this past weekend. Chad and I are 16 months apart and were always so close growing up. Even as adults, with more time passing between visits because of life and general busyness, we have always enjoyed a sweet comfort in each other's presence as though no time has passed at all. I'm so glad we're so close in age and that, like all the kids in my family, we grew up as and into incredibly close friends. I love my siblings dearly, but I also really like them as best friends. I have to give our parents major credit for fostering that friendship rich environment in our home. 

Uniquely enough, all four of the kids in our family have remained in the same city until now. And we've loved every minute of it. But the time has come for Chad and Karly to pursue a new, exciting chapter in Vancouver and while we are sad to see them go, we're so happy for what awaits them. They are a truly brilliant and beautiful couple with an incredibly bright future. 

I'm thankful for the time we live in and the technology available to us to keep in touch and a part of one another's lives. Also, Vancouver is beautiful and I can't imagine us waiting long to fly out to see them and their new life :) Regardless, goodbyes are difficult. This weekend was emotional to be sure, but the happiness I feel for them far outweighs my sadness in losing physical proximity. 

Chad & Karly, we love you and wish you the absolute best on your new adventure! 


  1. Aw how cool to have the bond that you have! What a beautiful couple! Total celebrities potential. Best wishes on their new adventure!

    1. Total celebrity potential, right?! Couple of lookers for sure. Aaand the sweetest hearts. Win/Win :)


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