Sep 15, 2014

our life lately // vol. 1

Though I have made many attempts at weekly journaling before this, let it be known that this is Our Life Lately // Vol. 1 in all its official glory :) Not to discount the many, many lovely weeks enjoyed before this one. Its just that this one happens to receive the inaugural moniker; a moniker that will *hopefully* grace this slice of the internet on a somewhat regular (weekly, if we're being idealistic here) basis. Yes friends, it's time we started keeping track of what goes on 'round these parts a little better. So without further ado...

This week mother nature threw us some kind of curve ball. Early in the week we were enjoying hot sunny days and warm walking adventures. By Wednesday, we were positively buried in snow! A snow storm of such epic proportions (two full days, unrelenting!) is unheard of this time of year and unfortunately, the lush leafy trees around the city and in our town paid the price. Thankfully the woods are far enough behind our place to not have caused any damage to our home, but many bent and snapped under the weight of the snow caught by their summery leaves. We're grateful we weren't personally affected, but definitely feeling for the people who's homes were! As quickly as it came, the snow is now completely melted and we're left with the green summer landscapes we were enjoying just days earlier. So strange! Here's hoping the green hangs on a little longer. Need to top up on that summer sun while we can to bolster ourselves for the long winter months ahead.

In other news, we are DIY'ing busy bees lately. Not sure if it has something to do with little baby on her way or the fact that we've been in our place 7 months now, but something lit a fire in our nesting hearts and we've decided to finally do something about all the things that needed doing around here. Several projects are in progress and so far, we're loving how it's all coming together. A large adjustable shelving unit, a console table and an entertainment unit are all in the works. After months of looking, we couldn't find the perfect pieces for our entertainment we decided to make them! Ryan continues to impress me with the pieces he's building. Can you say secretly skilled, DIY'ing, weekend warrior on a mission? Haha. I'm just doing my best to keep up by being the best sander/finisher I can be. Don't want to be the weak link in this nesting duo ;) Can't wait to share more as things evolve. Progress feels good! 

And in big, exciting news...we said hello to the third trimester this week!! Eek! Can't even believe it really. So far I'm still feeling really good. My energy levels remain quite high and physically, I'm not overly uncomfortable. As long as this is the case, you can trust I'll be outside adventuring with Ryan and Lincoln, savouring these last bits of summer and working away on the fun little projects that are making our house feel more like a home each day :)

Happy monday friends!

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