Apr 25, 2015

our life lately // vol. 7


Navy, my mom and I were THE luckiest girls in all the land a few weeks ago. Ryan was going to be out of town (in Phoenix, the lucky duck) for work one weekend. Coincidentally, it was my mom's cousin's 60th birthday party that same weekend in Chilliwack. So the three of us flew out to celebrate with our family out there and to enjoy the beautiful BC countryside. 

My mom has said, for years now, that she would love it if I made it out to BC to meet my cousins on her side (technically my second cousins). And while a couple of us had met in passing, yearrrrrs ago, it honestly felt like we'd never really spent any time together. So when my mom invited Navy and I to finally make the meet-up happen, we jumped at the very sweet opportunity, packed our bags and got ready for a weekend of family and fun. 

To say our my cousins in Chilliwack immediately felt like family is an understatement. Kindred spirits is more like it. My mom's family out there are simply the most hospitable people I have ever met. Just the most gracious hosts with the warmest hearts. 

⇡ Our little cabin at Auntie Alma's ⇡
⇡ Martha Stewart eat your heart out, Auntie Alma knows what's up ⇡
⇡ My mom's cousin's daughters, so my second cousins, my mom and I. But let's just call these girls my cousin-sisters, because sisters feels more like it. Though some of us hadn't met until this weekend and others had met only once, it turns out we are kindred spirits through and through. I just love them to bits. ALSO! Danielle has since had her baby!! A sweet little boy named Nash who we can't wait to meet! ⇡
⇡ Navy making herself comfortable in our cozy cabin ⇡

For me, the good life is all about the kind, wonderful people I'm fortunate enough to share mine with. So when you get the change to go on a little adventure and spend time with some especially wonderful people you just happen to be related to, well you gotta count your many blessings, I say. I left this weekend with new friendships forged and a deep gratitude for the loved ones, near and far, that make my life feel so incredibly rich. 

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