Apr 28, 2015

our life lately // vol. 8

When I scroll back through my blog or my Instagram account, I see I have so very many pictures of Ryan and I, Lincoln and now Navy. And oh how I love them. I realized today, however, that these digital memory vaults store a very tiny fraction of images of my friends and other family members  though, especially compared to how often we enjoy their company. We are so blessed to have a seriously healthy number of friends in our life. Many I've known virtually my whole life as well as several other's I've had the good fortune of meeting more recently. That kind of relationship security is something I count very high on my list of blessings. Knowing I have a friend or family member eager to visit virtually any day at any time, well, it makes a girl feel pretty loved I tell ya. 

Anyway, I think somewhere along the line I decided it would be ridiculous if I snapped a picture every time I met up with someone, considering I knew it was going to happen again real soon. But today! Today I broke my 'don't be crazy, snapping pictures all the time' rule and I snapped a couple pics to document our morning with my sweet cousin Danielle, who has only within the past year and a bit moved back to Calgary from Switzerland. She is a mom of four (4!! As if you could tell, given her porcelain skin and energy for dayyyyyyys) and I absolutely cherish her. She is a light to everyone around her and I am always better for enjoying her company. 

Ryan has been working pretty long hours lately, and we certainly miss him when that's the case. But I've come to understand that life ebbs and flows that way and that's ok. Because with these kinds of wonderful family and friends nearby, our days always seem to be filled with community and connection, joy and a deep sense of belonging. 

In Irish Wolfhound related news, Lincoln is a ham. The moodiest most dramatic pup, I swear. Today, as I attempted to take a couple glamour shots for his Instagram account (where's the laughing emoji when you need it, hey?) he appeared to be getting antsy for his supper. And then, I snapped this photo ⇡. It's almost like he was trying to tell me something haha. You'll be happy to know he was fed shortly after ;)

In friend/family related news, I am rethinking my 'Carli don't be silly and take pictures to document EVERYTHING' rule. Because these pics are fun, goshdarnit :)

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