Feb 22, 2016

In Between Seasons

I just love this time of year. It's still brisk out, but not bitterly cold. We still wear our winter gear but we don't need to layer too heavily underneath or always wear our toques, scarves & mitts. The snow has almost melted away entirely revealing the dusty, dormant grass beneath. Everything is the same varied shade of brown and at first glance, doesn't look all that promising that spring growth could ever push through. But inevitably it does. It always does. 

And this in between season feels like a pause almost ... a moment to take a breath as we begin to feel our bodies relax from bracing against the cold all winter long. The mild cold a reprieve from the freezing cold, and even amid the crispy beige and seemingly lifeless landscape, there is the feeling of spring and new life in the air and it's lovely. Just exactly the way it is.  

Little Navy and I took our inaugural walk to the park today...no stroller or carrier. Just her and I, hand in hand. The park is about 3 minutes from our home, but it took us more like 15 to get there tee-toddling at her sweet pace. I have never enjoyed taking forever to get somewhere so much. Life at her pace and from her vantage point is refreshingly sweet and it makes this mama's heart swell each and every day. 

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