May 18, 2016

on moving away...but also towards ♡

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So, we're moving pretty soon here. It's taken me a little while to write about it. I think I was just trying to process everything internally, and of course, externally with family and friends. Still am, actually. Not because I'm lacking peace about our decision, but more because change requires mulling. Prolonged mulling, when you've got a personality like mine ;) The gist of the situation is this: Ryan has been commuting about 2.5 hours a day to the job he took almost at almost exactly the time we moved to Cochrane and into this dream neighbourhood and home of ours. Formerly, he had been working just up the hill from our new home here in Cochrane, which would have been a two minute commute. 

The timing of this new job opportunity was difficult for us to process at first. Difficult both because we had spent so much time, money and emotional energy envisioning a future for our family here in Cochrane and also because the job was such an incredible opportunity and one that, as a family, we really wanted to pursue. We felt conflicted in that we knew it was the right choice but that knowing, it left us wondering what would become of the future we imagined would be ours.

So, for the last 2.5 years we've been trying to make both things work. The job. Our life in Cochrane. And while we've had some amazing days and some really hard days, it's been the accumulation of the in-between days that had Ryan and I simultaneously reaching the conclusion that our life needed to move towards the wonderful job that was providing for it. See, those in between days were just a little too rushed, left us both a little too tired and frankly, filled with far too little time together as a family. Sure, they were often filled with a sense of accomplishment at work for Ryan and wonderful days with friends enjoying our beautiful surroundings for Navy and I ... but the problem was that they resulted in too little time together, enjoying life as a family. And that's just the whole reason we're all in this thing, isn't it? To relish in as much time spent with our cherished ones as we can.

So, our beloved home here in Cochrane is for sale and we've purchased a sweet little house in Didsbury, that will soon be our new home. It's a precious blank slate...ready to be filled with our family, our furry rascal of a pup and our memories, which should be extra-abundant thanks to all the time we'll have together, yay! Ryan's commute will be 10 minutes versus 1 hr. 15 min, oh happy day! And thankfully, we'll only be about one hour away from our friends and family at the most, and in some cases a bit shorter distance.

So it's not that we're moving so far away we won't see those we love. It's just that, we'll be far enough away for Navy and my daily life, in particular, to change dramatically. And that's what I've been processing most. I feel so at peace with this decision so I don't have hesitation for any of the big reasons. I'm so ready to take this load off Ryan's shoulders. He's done this commute so graciously every day, never complaining because he loved our life here in Cochrane just as much as me. But it's wearing on him and on us. It's time we take this unnecessary burden off our shoulders and most especially, equip him with what he needs to do a great job of his job and even more importantly, what he needs to be here with us as a husband and father more than before.

As for what I'm processing, it's mostly the thought of the daily life I've known since becoming a mom changing drastically...moving away from 'my village'...the people who have surrounded me and lifted me up to help make this new chapter the very sweetest it could be. And also moving to a really small town when all I've ever known is the big city and now Cochrane, my current city-like town. I know we will meet wonderful people in Didsbury. I honestly can't wait to meet them. And I also know that we'll find the time to connect with our dear friends here in Cochrane & in Calgary. I'm just taking this in-between time right now to process that things are changing, that we're moving somewhere that can feel scary but also, that everything will turn out ok. Because it always, always does.

Of course there's more to our reasoning, our timing, our process and this big 'ol story in general (isn't there always?). But a girl can only type for so long before a good night's sleep becomes just too enticing to resist. 

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