Dec 13, 2016

Navy turns 2

Two years ago this sweet girl was placed in my arms for the very first time. Born after 8 hours of peaceful labour at home, she and I emerged from the water mother and child. Her, new to this world and me, new to what the world would be like with her in it. I soon learned that the happiest days could reach new heights, seeing her relish in the joys life has to offer while even the saddest days gained a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, as I navigate them with her by my side. What a privilege it is to have brought her into this world and to be spending my days raising her with Ryan. She is wild, kind hearted, adventurous, brave, loving, independent, fiercely determined, funny and intelligent. I love her more with every beat of my heart. Happy 2nd birthday Navy girl. You are treasured beyond words ❤︎

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