Dec 19, 2016

Seeing things clearly

Both of the girls are asleep right now and I feel like jumping from one task to the next, knowing there's so much to do, so little time and this brief moment where my hand's aren't full and I might actually be able to make some progress. I've got this opportunity to really focus, but it's rarity has me almost frozen in response. So instead of tackling a task uninterrupted, I find myself scrolling through pictures from the last two months and feeling all the feelings. While doing so, I stumbled upon these three pictures from the first 3 days little Willa was in our world. And my goodness, seeing them just makes my heart burst! I mean honestly, what else matters besides this? These two girls. Ryan. Lincoln. My sweet little family. My whole heart and my greatest adventure. I'm feeling such clarity tonight towards what really, really matters thanks to these photos. Sometimes it just takes a quiet minute of neglecting the to-do list to realize the real to-do's, the ones we'll actually remember and the ones that will matter in the long run, are being done so very well indeed.

Me and my girls when little Willa was 3 days old.
Willa, Ryan and I the day she was born.
I will forever love this picture. My sweet friend Crystal took it of Navy while they were out on a walk the morning Willa was born. Her beloved bunny, her crossed little hands, her sweet innocent face, it all just makes my heart ache with love for her.  This was such a big day for her, the day she became a big sister. And she has been a magnificent one in every way.

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