Mar 28, 2012

Few words...

I may or may not be married to a man of few words.

And by may, I mean I absolutely am.

Most of the communication between Ryan and I is me talking, and him listening/tuning out.  Its a survival tactic for him.  I don't blame him.  I have a lot of words to share.  At some point, he could short circuit from the overload, so its best sometimes, to just shut down and go into hibernation mode.

He's a total champ at this. Few can compare to his skill level in this department.  It should be a sport. 

he would slay.

A lot of this talking is me asking questions, and one thing we've become surprisingly good at is responding to one another in the communication mode that best suits us.  For instance, Ryan is a master of facial expressions, and I am a master interpreter.  This is often how we 'talk'.

Carli: Asks question
Ryan: Facial expression offered as answer
Carli: (often) accepts this as satisfactory or even awesome depending on quality of facial expression, emotion intoned, duration held, and ease of clarity for deciphering.

Let me elaborate with pictures....

Carli: "Hey babe, what d'ya say you let me raid your change drawer for an epic loot grab for my personal coffee fund.  I have a lot of girl friends, and we meet for coffee's often.  It's getting expensive and I need a boost in the 'frivolous spending' department."

Facial Expression Interpretation: 'I hope you're kidding'.

Carli: "Ooookaaaay, how about, instead, we use that cash you've saved up for a shopping trip to outfit your RC car with some sweet new racing duds?"

Facial Expression Interpretation: 'O, now I like that idea...'

Score! Another totally successful conversation between me and my hubby.

Conversation (if we can even call it that) 2

Carli: " Hey babe, I'm thinking of trying to learn a bit more about photography.  Would you be my test subject?"

Facial Expression Interpretation: 'Seriously?'

Carli: "Ya. I think you're a stone cold fox.  It would be good for my portfolio"

Facial Expression Interpretation: 'Sounds good, but make sure you get my left's my good side'

Carli: Babe, it's all good.  Trust me.

I'm the one behind the lens :)


  1. I love this post so much! Ryan is such a closed book, and you are the perfect person to pry his pages open! :)

    1. Thanks friend!! So happy you liked the post :)


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