Mar 22, 2012

Dear Ikea:

I've found someone else. no, don't's me. not you.  Look, we had a good thing going, and in many parts of the house, we still do.  I have a feeling your ikea-y goodness is going to linger in my life for some time.  I can't lie and say that I'll never want you back.  You're great.  It's just that, a little something called DIY walked into my life recently, and well, let's just say that relationship is progressing quickly.


Delightedly DIY'd in Duluth

i don't actually live in Duluth, but it sounded so great I had to sign it. i'm a sucker for alliteration.  must have been all those homeschooling vocab classes.

But seriously, Ryan and I have had the same bed since we got married over 6 years ago! I never really loved the color, so I'm not entirely sure why we bought it.  Looking back, I do remember having to work around our very old, first home that was aesthetically lacking to say the least.  We tried to fill the old home with new, modern and under-detailed furniture items in an attempt to make the home itself more us.  So, I guess I could say that for those years, it served a purpose.

But then, when we purchased our new home, it just sat like a sad, sad eyesore in the middle of a too-big room.  Look how sad...

I debated for some time over how we would replace it.  I saw so many beautiful beds that enticed me, but cost-wise just weren't in the cards.  Enter blogspiration! This is similar to the pinspiration you get from trolling pinterest...just from other people blogs.  Anyhoo, I was totally inspired by a bed I saw here.   From there, we got the instructions here and decided to start our first big foray into the world of DIY!

I'm so happy with the end result! All these years I've followed amazing blogs that have chronicled other people DIYing to their hearts content, but I never really thought I could do it myself.  Well...turns out anything is possible.  (Disclaimer: I contributed about 9.376% of the handiness and actual hard labour this project took to finish.  Ryan definitely deserves the major credit here. My main role was the sanding, staining, painting and distressing...which I'll explain in more detail in a different post.)

Anyway, there you have it.... our first big DIY attempt.  Turns out, the whole thing was just so darn awesome, we'll be DIYing a lot around here.

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