Apr 27, 2012

It's The Little Things

So the other night, Ryan came home with a Winners bag. He loves Winners. For anyone in the States, Winners is like Ross or TJ Maxx. It's awesome. There are deals galore... if you're willing to look for 'em. 

And we are. 

Anyway I guess he did a little shopping on the way home, and felt the need to round his shopping trip out with a lap or two around Winners. And the bag he'd brought home was actually a present for me. A middle of the week, random present! I was pretty pumped. 

Now, if I was to show you the following pictures, what might you think I was gifted with?

Any guesses? No? Well I'll spare you any more edge-of-your-seat suspense and just spill it. The gift I was given was a Telephoto Lens kit for my....


Haha. Yes. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. I also completely understand why he couldn't pass up this smokin' deal. 

I mean, with mark-downs like that, how can you say no?

PS. How funny is a mark-down of $1.99?

Anyway, all set up, the system looks a little something like this. That's right folks. It comes with a hard case, tripod, tripod attachment system and telephoto lens. 

And just so you really get the picture, here's a zoom in on that telephoto lens.

O...well now lookey here. Someone fancies themselves a punny mcpunnerton. 'get the picture'...'zoom in on that telephoto lens'? Awkward, accidental pun situation. Didn't realize how puntastic that would sound. Regardless, there is still a picture of the zoom below. Let's just move onto that, shall we? And save me any more embarrassing conversations with myself about the word pun and its derivatives.

thanks friends.


I think it's the sheer ridiculousness of it all that cracks me up so much. Setting this mini system up had me laughing myself silly. Also, it's pretty much the most awesome mid-week, random present to date. A little, itty bitty telephoto lens and all the laughs it brought with it, from the guy I love, really did make my day.

Sometimes it's the little things.


  1. First of all, Winners has got to be one of the most magical places on the planet. And second, best random present. Ever. xo

  2. I agree! awesome gift! how well does it work?

    1. Really well actually haha :) Hugs!

  3. That thing is hil.arious. With a capital H.

  4. TOO great! Does it take good pictures? haha Love it, and hey ITS PINK thats a plus right?! haha :)

    1. Pretty well actually haha! My 3G takes pretty grainy pics compared to the iPhone 4's out there, but the zoom definitely helps ;)



  5. NO WAYYYYYYYYYY. THAT IS AWESOME. Oh my gosh. I want oneeee! It's so cute!

  6. That is seriously so awesome!!


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