Aug 29, 2012

10 Years

This past weekend had me doing a little head scratching. As in Saturday was my 10 year high school reunion.

O my. just typing that sentence caused yet another little unwanted grey hair to spring forth out of my skull.

just kidding.

I think.

Anyway, the day arrived whether I was ready for it or not. and yet surprisingly, and count me as the most surprised, I was. Ready that is. My ten year reunion, long since regarded as one of those 'you're still young but you're starting to think about feeling old every now and then' moments, came and went. And yet, I had nothing to frown about, and everything to smile about. Like, it was ok. I made it. One of those big life markers, a ten year high school reunion, came along and I am really, contentedly happy to say that I am thrilled with how the last 10 years have turned out. So yay, i guess? Yay for a wonderful last 10 years. Full of triumphs and of course a little sadness, lots of life changing experiences, blessed good health, laughs and tears, immeasurable personal growth and the best darn family and friends any girl could ever ask for.

and perhaps, the real cherry on top, and hot fudge all over these past 10 years, has had a little (read: a whole heckuva lot) something to do with this guy...

you see, we met the summer I graduated. and wow. if I didn't admit to being swept right off my feet when I met him, well then I'd be a liar. Ya, I fell for him. completely. and right out of high school if you can believe it. the best thing? I'm still exactly there, just as in love as I always was.

And in a crazy twist of fate and circumstance, my 10 year high school reunion happened to fall on the day before our 7th anniversary. Married for 7, together for 10. 10 absolutely sweet, lovely through and through, wouldn't-trade-em-for-anything-in-this-world years. my life has been indescribably and immeasurably made better by this simply, my-kind-of-perfect man.

I like that picture above by the way. It does a great job of illustrating a little glimpse into our relationship. my personality, similar to my hair, is sometimes wild and not so easily tamed. and there Ryan is. solid as a rock. as an absolute rock. never wavering, always there. sweet, and soft hearted. strong and reliable. right by my side, through everything. and I just could not be more grateful. sweetness like this doesn't come around too often.

anyway, here we are. 7 years ago this past Sunday. I wish I could tell those two young people what joy lied before them. and yet, on second thought, I'm kinda happy I can't. So much of the sweetness that we've experienced has been in experience itself. in walking through life together.

So here's to a lifetime of exactly what these past 7 years have been to me. my kind of perfect.

i love you ryan. always will.


  1. such a perfect post! so so so perfect. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Just made me tear up at the office. Lovely post, love you both. I was happy to share beer and lemon cake with you on your anniversary!!
    - Elisa

    1. And we were happy to spend it with you Elisa!! Love you guys right back :)


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