Aug 20, 2012


...we'll get back to some regularly scheduled programming around here. whatever that means. for now though, I just have a few things to say. 

- is it just me or are those security words blogger asks you to type before submitting a comment getting more and more difficult to decipher. Like 'try three times, scratch your head because you're SURE it said 'shmurtd' but then again you can't be quite sure, almost give up on commenting' difficult. 

- there is a thick layer of dust on what used to be my canon rebel.

- my master bedroom bathroom ran out of toilet paper 6 days ago. instead of refilling it, I've been making the trek to our guest bathroom every. single. time. even at 3 am. I know. I have shocked even myself with this remarkable new level of indifference. or shall we call it subjective effort? in which my efforts are aimed anywhere but towards refilling the toilet paper in said washroom. 

- the majority of my instagram photos seem to be of my cat or of coffee. what does this say about me?

- my mac has recently participated in a special kind of Canadian-ese software update, unbeknownst to me. It automatically changes the spelling of several different words to their Canadian version. Watch. I'll spell the entire following sentence using American english, yet what you'll see after the blog post is published will be far more Canucky in nature...

The most marvellous glamour shots of Memphis always seem to be in colour versus black and white; I say this because my neighbour paid me the favour of telling me so, as we savoured the flavour of the coffee she had prepared for me.

that sentence made no sense. but aha! see how many 'o' to 'ou's I fit in there? impressive, no? and on that note, why do we Canadians love our 'ou's so much? puzzling.

- when in doubt, Bon Iver. always. 

- on that note, I was going to sign off with some unrelated picture I had on my iPhone. just to spice things up a bit. but alas, I took my own advice with that last point and went with Bon Iver on my speaker dock for ambiance as I wrote this post. it's nearly 11pm, and I've had my bottom firmly planted in bed just long enough to find the thought of getting up to grab my phone nearly unfathomable. so, ya. we'll just leave it at words for now. 




  1. Everything about this list makes me smile! The security words are going to drive me bonkers! Also Bon Iver is literally the BEST of all time!
    Much love,

  2. Yeah, those security words are getting out of hand! And I've always LOVED Canadian spellings like coloured and flavoured :) so great! :)

  3. Haha this made me laugh! Hard!
    Nicole L

  4. I hate those security words! Plus, I'm old. I've passed my 15 year reunion ...


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