Oct 21, 2012

And now I know why they call it surgery...

Last week Wednesday I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. It was around the time they whisked me into the operating room, laid me out on that scary metal bed, operating lights overhead blinding me from above, administering the IV, everyone all scuttling around tying their surgical caps, double checking allergies and saying things like 'she'll be out in 15 seconds', that I remembered... its called 'wisdom tooth surgery'. not 'wisdom tooth procedure' or even 'that quaint little morning where you get a couple teeth pulled'. no, surgery is the word they use. I now fully understand why.


And yet, there is something to be said for all the sweet things that occur because of events like wisdom tooth surgeries. Family members (a mom and husband, namely :) who take care of you when you're vulnerable and in pain. Friends who visit, invested in your wellbeing and recovery. All the lovely soups, ice creams, flowers, gifts and magazines they bring by to help you pass the time while in your medicated, bedridden, ridiculously swollen state. All the delicious pureed foods and smoothie juices discovered that sustain you while solids remain off limits. o, and a certain feline who's committed to helping you sleep it off, no matter how long that might take. 

things like that have a way of making the whole ordeal seem very nearly worth it :)

1 comment:

  1. I need my wisdom teeth pulled still :( My orthodontist said I would not need them to be pulled, but he was wrong! ... But on a happier note, I love lavender bath salts!


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