Dec 20, 2012

New York Part 4 - Upper West Side, Central Park, Upper East Side & Black Friday!

Ok wow, if our New York trip itself felt like a marathon, recapping it here has certainly been the second leg of that journey. That said, I'm terrible at printing photos and storing photo albums, so this little virtual space will have to do. Thanks for bearing with me as I continue recapping this once in a lifetime trip :)

Day 5 in New York was jam packed with goodness! O my. Not sure how we fit so much in to one little day, but we did!

The day started with a subway ride to the Upper West Side. I had heard about this cute brunch stop on Amsterdam Ave. When we got there, judging by the line, we figured things had to be good. That, or we were in that brunch episode of Portlandia. Either way, the food was delicious and well worth the wait! After brunch we set out to explore the Upper West Side. I can honestly say that of every area we visited in New York, I truly fell in love with the Upper West Side. I could live there in a heartbeat. period. 

After brunch we explored the Upper West Side some more, including popping in and out of a few unbelievably beautiful antique stores, counting how many Patagonia stores one area could possibly have, and grabbing a java at the local coffee stop. While in the neighborhood Ryan even caught a slightly ajar door to an old brownstone complex and snuck his way in.  Once inside, we climbed the old, smooth, stone stairwells and surveyed level upon level of true New York living. it was fabulous, and exactly like in the movies. it was hard to believe that people, just like us, lived there! In New York! The new york that until then, I'd only ever experienced in movies and my imagination! It was truly an unforgettable experience.

We rounded out the day by exploring Central Park some more, and using it as our route to access the ubiquitous Upper East Side. There are no words to adequately describe Central Park, except to say, that ever city should have one. 

We landed on the Upper East Side sometime in the early afternoon, and as with my experience in Central Park, the Upper East Side did not disappoint. It, too, was just like the movies had depicted. The air was a little colder in this neighborhood, noses tipped up just a little higher, with a sparse feel to the usually populated streets of New York. Yes, we had arrived in the Upper East Side, and the residents and their penthouses made sure we knew it :)

We ended the day experiencing 5th Ave on Black Friday. The crowds were unreal, and so were the sales. Then, after an absolute marathon of a day, we ended things properly and in celebratory fashion with a burger and frozen custard at the one, the only...Shake Shack! In Time's Square no less. A very New York conclusion to an entirely New York day!


  1. wow,awesome!

  2. How fun! I haven't been to NY in so long, but my trip there definitely flew by and felt like a whirlwind. Looks like a great time, and I love the color of your scarf!


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