Jan 9, 2013

Christmas & New Years

The Paliser Hotel where Ryan's Christmas party was ~ our Christmas tree, all trimmed up ~ a blurry, but memorable nonetheless, photo of us at the party ~ snippets of the  Christmas cheer sprinkled about our home ~ my favourite Christmas ribbon collection to date ~ crepes and nutella on Christmas morning ~ happy us on Christmas day! ~ snowy holiday landscapes near our home ~ en route to Kimberly, B.C. ~ the gorgeous drive home from Kimberly ~ a solo early morning flight to Kelowna to meet the rest of the family-in-law for a few days out in the Okanagan ~ Mission Hill's epic and ancient-seeming subterranean wine cellar ~ a couple crazy canadian girls in their flats in the middle of a snow storm in Kelowna (me on the left and Tara, with her cute little baby bump, on the right) :)

Christmas, as per usual, seemed to fly by this year. We were in Calgary for Christmas day itself, in Kimberly a few days after to celebrate New Year's with friends, and then I flew to Kelowna to wrap up the holidays celebrating Ryan's aunt's 50th birthday while he stayed home to work. 

With so much family in town and near by, it seems that Christmas each year is filled right up with activities and festivities. Before you know it, you've completed a pentathlon of last minute shopping extravaganza's, holiday shindigs, turkey spectaculars, hearty christmas bake-offs' rounded out by several family occasions to say a little merry-christmas-and-i-love-you's. Phew! I'm tired just reminiscing about it all ;)

That said, Ryan and I couldn't feel more blessed to have so many dear friends and family near us during the holidays. We felt entirely lavished with love over the holiday season, and we hope you did too! 

Wishing you a fabulous start to 2013! I hope all your goals, hopes and dreams actualize, and that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the goodness this new year has in store for you!

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