Jul 28, 2013

Clouds & Campfires

I've got this penchant for moody skies. The moodier the better. In fact I sometimes find myself a tad disappointed by clear blue skies on a sunny day. Where's the drama I say? And while I remain grateful for each day, it would seem that those cloudy days with their brooding skies are more welcomed here in this heart of mine; certainly more than their universally popular sibling, bright blue. 

We had one such day yesterday. and today for that matter. But back to yesterday. We were supposed to be heading out to Sundre to camp on one of Ryan's relatives' property for a large family get together. But with the skies as foreboding as they were yesterday morning, we weren't sure the event would go on. Without word from anyone already there (no cell reception it turns out), we decided to make the drive out regardless. It was only about an hour on the road and if we know anything, its that a road trip always does the soul some good.

Upon arrival we found out the event was still going forward. Good news! So, through light spitting rain and distant claps of thunder, we set up our tent and started to settle in. As luck would have it, the skies retained their surly character but withheld their downpour for the duration of our stay. Little slivers of sunshine graced us with their presence from time to time, but deferred eventually to the cloud covered sky I welcomed as evening set in and the campfire began to roar. 

This was our first time camping with Lincoln and we were pleasantly surprised at how well he did. Of course, playing his heart out with Kelly and Tara's boxer Kobi contributed tremendously to the fact that he later fell asleep in very random assortment of odd locations (see: in the middle of our string toss game, on my lap near the fire, and yes, on my feet while I was chatting with Ryan). As I write this he is passed out on the kitchen floor, and hasn't moved for over 4 hours. If this is what camping does to a puppy, i like it :)

Overall it was a lovely time spent with family members we don't see all that often. It was also a  poignant reminder that retreating to the woods, hunkering around a campfire, a visiting with friends and family is good for you. And as usual, I'm leaving this event ever more grateful for this sweet man of mine. Among the many reasons I love and respect him, Ryan is a man of tremendous character. Seeing Ryan is situations like these, surrounded by lots of people and lots of work to do, he is unceasingly gracious, patient, respectful and sincere. and I just love him for it. 

Grateful for this good weekend with my husband, puppy and extended family in wild and beautiful Alberta. 

ps. some things...
alternate post title: in which ryan get's wily and wears his ball cap any way but normal
regarding cameras: can I get a what what for iPhones?! :) my canon died 5 minutes into our trip, and ryan's iPhone 5 valiantly stepped in and saved the day. thank you mr. iPhone, a'thankyou.
in closing: a happy monday to you!

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  1. Sweet pictures! Camping with family is the best, I wish I could do it more often (and had the weather!)And totally cute pooch! Lovely!

    Sarah x


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