Aug 2, 2013

wherever you are, be fully there.

A while ago, a friend I follow on Instagram posted that quote. 'Wherever you are, be fully there'. I've had it on my mind a fair bit and truly appreciate how refreshingly simple the concept is. Yet time and again, practicing that concept sometimes evades me. So, in an effort to be more 'fully there' today, I snapped a couple pics and thought I'd journal a little about where I'm at, presently. 

  • We walk a lot. One of the greatest benefits of having Lincoln join our little clan has been all the off leash walks, park exploration, hidden natural treasures, sunshine and fresh air I've enjoyed. Take today for instance. This park is literally smack dab in the middle of our bustling city. And until Lincoln, I never knew. What a blessing to know now. 
  • I l i v e  in these lulu leggings currently. Ashamed to admit how often I wear them. These days they are typically a little linty with a healthy sciff of dog hair making sure the surface is good and covered (no matter how much I sticky roller, sigh.) 
  • These Nike free's I purchased in vegas earlier this year are THE best. I throw them in the washing machine every other week and they keep scrubbing up clean, no matter how many muddy paws trample them each week. The happy pop of neon also tends to make me smile. So that's great. 
  • What a pleasant surprise to see glossy pink nails cupping my coffee cup this morning! A radical departure from the far rougher, often bare nails I rock most days. Sometime over the last year or so I just stopped doing girly things like that for myself. Not sure why, but after seeing my sweet bestie Nicole yesterday and her perfectly manicured nails (as always ;), I mustered the energy necessary to layer on a few coats of my favourite colour. I even managed to finish with a top coat. That's right. A top coat. I know. I don't even recognize myself. 
  • It's official. At night when we walk our sleep drunk and sluggish puppy wolfhound up to bed, and he curls up all cute in that sad/tired puppy kind of way, I wonder to myself (and often aloud) what we'd ever do without him. He has officially wiggled his way deep into our hearts and there is simply no turning back. He's ours. And it's the best. Seeing him all giddy and exploring on our walks each day makes me smile from ear to ear. It's an unexpected, daily happening that has pleasantly enhanced my everyday and for that I am so grateful. 

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  1. Such a sweet post, Carli. Love the idea of taking note of the small, living-giving things in our day to day :)


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