Jul 25, 2013

just some happy things

Our kitty Memphis is a shaggy fellow. Usually his tousled shag slinks to and fro without bother. Never too matted or tangled, always groomed just right which come to think of it, is probably what he does all day while we're gone. Anyway, since Mr. Lincoln arrived on the scene, Memphis has been retreating to the undeveloped basement a fair bit. He can get some much needed peace and privacy down there. I can't blame him. 

However all that basement dwelling had gotten his usually flowing locks into quite the twisted tangle. So much so that regular brushing couldn't keep up. We were forced to do the inevitable. Our fickle feline was about to get a buzz cut. But wait! Why buzz the whole kitty when his mane, paws and tip of his tail were perfectly fine? Good question. We asked the same thing...which led to the lion cut (!!) Yes. Memphis got buzzed all over his body but kept his mane, his boots and a little puffball at the end of his tail. and it. is. good. It's like having a little lion walking around our house. I plan on doing a little video of our resident sphinx as soon as possible. Will post as soon as I do. But in the meantime, definitely mark the lion cut down as a very happy thing around these parts. Ryan and I crack up every time we see him and Mr. Memphis himself is a new cat. He's got a little swagger in his step. He plays more often and is much less irritable. All thanks to the lion cut. Who knew?

A very happy thing in our home, these days, is morning cuddles with this sleepy bear. Lincoln is like a teenage boy when it comes to morning wake ups. Seriously, sometimes Ryan has to flip his bed to get him up and going. It's hilarious. You can scratch him and spoon him (he's like the size of a person now, so really, not joking about the spooning ;) and he won't move. He is soooo sleepy. It makes both of us smile every morning. 

These peppy pink blooms in our backyard make me smile every day. I'm not much of a green thumb but I do try my best with yard work and the like. So to see these little ladies putting on a show... well, it makes this aspiring gardner feel rather pleased with herself. Grateful for simple, pretty pleasures like these. 


  1. Oh my goodness. This post is hysterical. I've never heard of a dog not being a morning person! Er. Morning dog. Also, I shaved my cat down once (and by "I", I mean the vet did it, WITHOUT asking) and she was traumatized for months. She's never really bounced back, actually. Memphis is so confident and independent :)

    1. Haha morning dog. It's true, he's just not. must be another one of those perplexingly curious habits of a wolfhound. whatever the case, we love it :) And your poor cat! Sad to hear her haircut was so traumatizing. Shame on the vet for doing something like that without asking :(


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