Aug 4, 2013

a celebratory weekend

Well friends, its a celebratory long weekend over here :) About two weeks ago, we put our home up for sale. And as of this past Friday, it is officially sold! We feel tremendously fortunate that the listing, showing and selling of our home went as seamlessly and as quickly as it did. We were preparing ourselves for a longer go at this. So to have everything wrap up quickly and positively is an unexpected, yet very welcome, result. 

We have loved this home immensely over the last 4.5 years. It has been a haven for us, a sweet place to call our own. We built the home right out of university. We chose every part of it and as such, it is a true reflection of our younger selves back in 2008 (has that much time seriously passed?!). And while the home itself continues to be lovely and to serve our little family well, our life circumstances (Ryan's job mainly) have changed such that the location isn't as ideal as it once was. Of course lots of other positive reasons/desires affected our decision to sell, but they can always be discussed another day. Suffice it to say we both felt very peaceful about the decision to list. Now that the home is sold, we are excited to purchase another home for whatever the next chapter in our lives may hold. 

We're looking forward to moving and the adventure that is sure to come along with it! I'm sure that along with the excitement of moving and renting in between landing in our new place, there will also be many moments of emotional reflection over what precious time was shared in this home. But that's all part of the process, and so I look forward to those moments too. 

That said, we still have two months to enjoy our current home and we plan on doing just that. Starting now, by milking whatever's left of this long weekend and continuing to celebrate the sale of our first home :)


  1. So exciting! Congratulations. Ryan looks so relieved and excited in that picture, it's great. I'm so glad you guys had such an easy & quick experience selling your house, I hope buying one is similar.

    I love new seasons of life like that, but I get easily sentimental as well :) moving is a big deal! Enjoy your last bit of time in your home.

    1. Thanks Carly! I totally agree. I love the cleansing affect a change in life seasons can have on me. But despite my best efforts, the emotional/sentimental part of me can compete for attention with all that 'fresh start' goodness. Here's hoping I achieve some sort of balance with this transition :)


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