Oct 27, 2013


Last Sunday we moved out of our beloved little RV. What was originally an interim solution to span the gap between when we had to move out of our previous home and when our more permanent rental arrangement would come available, turned out to me a truly wonderful mini-chapter in this crazy moving adventure. We couldn't be more grateful for those 20 days!

Eventually though, we knew we had to relinquish our sweet little mobile home and get settled in our actual rental while we wait for our home to be completed. And so we did that, last Sunday. We started the day with a quick check on the new house. At that time the basement had just been poured and the foundation walls were curing. As I write this though, framing has started and the first and second stories are already constructed! Of course, before they were able to start on the roof we were hit with our first snow storm of the season. A big one, too! Here's hoping this week brings warm weather so the snow can melt and framing construction can pick up shortly :)

But back to move 2 of 3. A full week later and its feeling like we're finally settling into our new home before our home home. Because we're staying in someone's place while they take an extended vacation, its a lot of our stuff meets theirs. Well at least the first few days really felt like that. Over the last couple days however, we've been able to simplify and reduce our belongings down the bare necessities. Today, after a week of sorting and organizing, we brought several bins back to our storage unit.  Thankfully, things at the cabin are feeling a lot less cluttered and a whole lot more settled. And let me tell you....that is a good, good feeling. Here's to a fresh new week; one I hope is peaceful, productive and a slightly more normal feeling than the last :)

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  1. wow that's a lot of moving..
    hope you start to get the feeling of normalcy back soon


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