Oct 29, 2013

Building our New Home: Construction Update

First things first...we had a huge snowfall on Sunday!! O my. On Saturday afternoon my mom and I were hanging out around town, show home hopping and coffee shop lingering... as we're known to do :) It was GORGEOUS out. We were wearing t-shirts and soaking in the sunshine. A couple times we remarked on what incredible weather we were enjoying so close to November! Unprecedented really. But in the back of our minds, that pesky Environment Canada warning of 5-10 cm of snow for Sunday loomed. Well they weren't joking, those Environment Canada folks. The snow started falling on Sunday in the early morning and it didn't stop all day. By the late morning, we were officially blanketed in snow. 

While I'm never really ready for that first snowfall, I'm always surprised at how quickly we're able to just keep on keepin' on despite the radical shift in our environment. That goes for all my fellow Albertans. While I'm sure most of us prefer dry roads and warmer temperatures, this quantity of snow can fall over the course of a day and few people blink an eye. I know we didn't, really. I mean you drive more carefully and you bundle up a bit more. But your plans don't typically change. I guess that comes with a lifetime of living in Alberta and being at peace with her famous weather mood swings. So you better believe that the first snowstorm of the season wasn't going to keep us from our favourite activity these days...scoping out the new digs! We have walls and a second floor now! Best part of the day had to be, and I might be a little biased here, the forest behind us looking pretty darn magical sparkling in its wintery best. Hello cozy!

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! Look at the progress! So exciting.
    We woke up to snow this morning and I'm a little depressed about it, ha ha! I'm not ready for winter!


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