Oct 23, 2013

Sister Sleepover

All photos taken by my incredibly talented sister, Brooke: @alittleriver on Instagram
Something about life feeling shuffled up sometimes prompts me to recluse and, albeit unintentionally, avoid things I typically enjoy. I'm not sure why, but when coping with change I occasionally forget that the most important things...those things that remain constant no matter where I'm at in life...are where I should place my focus. 

Knowing this about myself, I made an extra effort while we were living in the RV to welcome everyday life as best I could. I enjoyed visits with friends, family get togethers, daily walks with Lincoln, date nights, work days in coffee shops and movie nights in :) I feel like incorporating more of my normal into our new and foreign living situation helped me savour the time we spent there. That has been, and continues to be, one of my personal goals as we live rather unconventionally over the next few months. While I'm very excitedly looking forward to our new home, I also don't want to wish any of this interim time away quicker than necessary. Choosing to focus on the good and constant things in life, as much as possible, has helped me better cultivate joy and contentment as I pursue my goal of remaining present and peaceful no matter my circumstances. This has been a happy realization for me and the encouragement needed to keep growing in this direction. 

One such good and constant thing was that my sister and I were able to sneak a sleepover in, before we left the RV. We had the BEST time. It was so nice reconnecting with her and enjoying an entirely girly night in. The next morning before breakfast we took a walk along the river and over the bridge into our future community. I loved showing her where our home will be; where I hope to host many family get togethers and future sister sleepovers. She captured the morning beautifully and shared her lovely photos with me. I love them! Thinking of framing one or two of them for the new home :)

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