Oct 19, 2013

our life in a tall, tin box

Ryan and I made an impromptu trip out to our storage unit the other day en route to dinner in Calgary. It was the first time I'd been to the unit during the day since moving day. It was crazy to see it all there. I just can't believe our entire life's worth of stuff fits into that little tin box!? Its so weird to see all the things that went in to making a cozy home, stacked to teetering heights, stuffed into boxes or plastic wrapped in bins. It's very deconstructed. And while I'm realizing it is possible to live without it all, I am most definitely looking forward to revisiting the comforts of these items once our home is finished. Four months without anything physical that made up our normal feels like just long enough to forget what we have. It will certainly be nice to enjoy these things again. But in the meantime, we're both content to live more simply. 

Here I am Vanna White'ing the storage unit with everything I've got. Documenting this moving journey mustn't stop at new house updates and tales of adventures from our current living situation. o no. The storage unit deserves a little representation too, I'm thinking. So here it is and here I am. It appears that moments later, I began to dance a jig of sorts. Perhaps in celebration that everything fit in one unit and that 20 days in it's still doing a dandy job of storing?? Not sure. I was simply moved to dance ;) 

As usual, mister here was entirely preoccupied on the task at hand. Completely unfazed by my Vanna and jig dancing antics, he remained focused on finding his winter jacket. And good news! we did. Surprisingly quickly I might add, despite the jenga pile of personal belongings you see teetering in the background. And its a good thing too! The last few nights in the RV (which by the way, tonight is our second last night if you can believe it!) have been c o l d. Winter is coming, my friends. So it's high time this travelling band of gypsies relocates to more permanent living situation :)

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