Oct 21, 2013

RV Tour!

Ok, so, we're moved out of the RV. As of yesterday at 4 pm or so. 

Super, duper sad face. And who would have thought! I kept thinking this was going to be the most challenging part of the multi-stage move we had planned. But instead, it turned out to be a unique and sweet experience we're grateful to have enjoyed! And while we're feeling a little sad that it's passed we also have to be thankful we squeezed every sweet moment out of our time there. Up next? Begin settling into our current living situation; a sweet cabin style home, just outside of Cochrane recently left in our care by a couple of happy vacation goers and sweet friends of friends. The last and final place we'll be living before we move into our new home, o happy day.

I'm going to save the details of our new living arrangement for another day and instead, share a little picture tour of the RV we were just in. For your viewing comfort, I've made all the pictures black and white. It turns out there is no way to aesthetically photograph 'RV brown', which by the way is definitely a colour. I know. I've been living with it, intimately, for the last 20 days ;) 

And so, without further ado ... THE rv ... 

Master Bedroom
Office Nook
Living Room
Living Room
Dining Room
It was a sweet little space and it housed this little band of gypsies well. So grateful for the generosity of friends and friends of friends. And on that note...onto living arrangement 2: the cabin on the lake! :)

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  1. Oh wow! That RV is absolutely huge! What a fun time! :)
    xo TJ



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