Dec 13, 2013

Our Weekend

Lately, I feel like we're living for the weekends. And it feels great. See, we've always been fairly good about making sure our weekdays are peppered with date nights, visits with friends, movies out, etc. so I never really placed too much emphasis on the weekend. But with job changes and not having our usual home space to unwind in over the past couple months, lately its felt like weekdays have been blending together in a big blur of work and everyday responsibilities. So several weeks ago, Ryan and I decided to make our Sundays (and the odd Saturday, yay!) more about focused time together. And it has honestly been wonderful.  

This past Sunday, we both had a lot of work to catch up on. So we started the day with a frrreeezing walk at the park with Lincoln. (*I can't get over our hilarious, bundled up, squished faces in that first photo. And Lincoln with his frozen beard? Perhaps we should start calling him Old Man Winter. These days that would certainly be more accurate ;) After our walk we brought Lincoln home to enjoy one of his toasty warm, day long naps as we set out to Cochrane Coffee Traders to get some work done. 

Cochrane Coffee Traders is an old wood cabin with an always crackling fire, the most delicious coffee and baked goods around. It is THE best place to catch up with a friend or catch up on some work. So we did a bit of both. And even thought here was *some* work involved, there was also a lot of lingering, reading, visiting and catching up that happened too. It was a wonderful Sunday. 


  1. Love that first photo-Lincoln looks so frosty!!
    I have been to Cochrane coffee traders a few times over the years. It has the best treats!

    1. Yay! Love that you've been to Cochrane Coffee Traders. It's the best. And yes, frosty is very accurate. He can't come in from being outside without his trademark frozen beard this time of year. Pretty cute :)


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