Dec 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013! It was a good one! Aside from not having our own space (which admittedly, I missed decorating, baking and hosting in … although I know we'll make up for it next year :) we enjoyed two days of Christmasy goodness with both sides of our family. 

On Christmas Eve, in keeping with tradition, we met up with my family for a big turkey dinner, lots of visiting and our usual present exchange. We laughed until we cried. Its times like these which remind me I am so blessed to have a family I love this much. And just as important, I'm blessed to have a family I like so very much. As in, if we weren't family, I'm certain we'd be great friends just the same ♡

On Christmas Day we made our way over to Ryan's parent's home. It was a beautiful Christmas day! We enjoyed a delicious meal with the family, afternoon sleigh rides, and a cozy gift exchange by the fire. I wish I had more pictures of the meal and everyone in attendance but alas, it appears I have yet to master pictures inside with lowlight *_*.  My photography skills (or lack thereof ;) aside, it was a charming Christmas day. 

We feel so very fortunate to have both our families nearby. Holiday's like these always seem to highlight what a blessing that is! Hoping you enjoyed your Christmas holidays as well and that you were surrounded by friends and family too! 


  1. Happy New Years! That sleigh ride looks so fun, what a great idea!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Meagan!!


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