Dec 31, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was a leisurely recovery from Christmas festivities. Ryan was home both Saturday and Sunday, which was such a treat! We shopped a fair bit with all our Christmas gift cards (thank you friends and family!) but relaxed more than anything. A particular highlight for me was a Sunday morning walk with Lincoln and Ryan over the bridge and into our new community. 

As I scroll through so many of my blog posts this past year, I'm often overwhelmed by how many pictures I have of us walking Lincoln. I often laugh, wondering if I did anything else this year. I kid, of course. But it just so happens those walks happen to have produced the prettier pictures I've taken this year :) Therefore, they get the most screen time. And while this year has been massive for us in terms of change and positive forward motion, one of the distinctly beautiful changes I've witnessed in our little family has been an increase in our activity and time spent outside in this beautiful country of ours…all thanks to this dream of a pup who has most certainly changed our lives for the better. 2013 will be remembered for many important and valuable things, several of which I intend to write about soon in a year recap post. However most notably, perhaps, 2013 will be remembered as the year we were blessed with the dog of our dreams and all the quality family time, laughter, outdoor adventure and learning experiences he brought with him. 

The happiest of new years to you friends! May 2014 be brimming with health, happiness and personal growth ♡

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