Jan 4, 2014

Building Our New Home: Construction Update

Yesterday we had our cabinet walk through at the new home. I can't believe how fast this house has come together! Above is a pic I quickly snapped as we were walking through. Doesn't nearly do the finish/knobs/cabinet details justice but at least it shows the layout. The cabinets are the most lovely shade of white, thanks again to Meagan at the design centre and her selection expertise. We wanted white, but didn't know the nuances between tones when it came to choosing a lacquer for the cabinetry.  She helped us choose a soft white with the most beautiful finish. I can't wait to get my good camera in there once the tile, counters, flooring and appliances are all installed to photograph the details throughout this space! 

Also, we have an official possession date: February 10th! So, so, so thrilled. Won't be long now. And good thing! Lately Ryan and I have been furniture shopping, planning DIY builds and talking about room layouts more and more. We've put everything 'new house' out of our minds for so many months in an effort to just accept the wait as fact, versus something we had to endure. But now that possession is so soon, we've totally given in to our excitement and are in full on new home planning mode :)


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  2. Cabinets look beautiful! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for DIY's! So fun!!
    Congrats on the posession date, definitely something to look forward to. It will be here before you know it!

  3. Though it was my first time in your blog, but I found it interesting. Have you hired a construction firm to do your house building?


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