Jan 17, 2014

Flames Game

Last weekend we were treated to a lovely night out at the Flames game by our friends Matt and Billie. Billie and I have been friends since the day we were born as our mother's were close friends. Matt and Ryan have been friends since middle school. As luck would have it, during a period of time in our lives where we hadn't seen one another for a while, we each ended up dating the men who would become our husbands. The childhood dream of two little girls during so many of our hundreds of sleepovers became our adult reality rather serendipitously. 

However the stars aligned, we were reconnected through our then boyfriends and the group of us have been in touch ever since. Its a neat thing with Billie and I. No matter how much or how little time goes by, we seem to have a kindred connection that spans distance and time. Its such a sweet relationship in my life; one I'm incredibly grateful for. 

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