Feb 24, 2014

♡ Home Sweet Home ♡

I can hardly believe the day finally arrived. Two weeks ago today, we received the keys to our brand new home! Its finally ours and we're finally home. These past 4 months we've been 'in-transit' while waiting for our home have felt like an eternity and a blink at the same time. Since moving out of our last place, we've been on quite the adventure. And in it's own sweet and 'uncharted territory' kind way, its been a good time for our little family. Home truly is where the heart is. However, with radical changes in both our home and work lives, we both agree it feels good to finally put some roots down as we begin to carve out our new normal. 

During the last 5 weeks leading up to our possession day, I helped out at the family business. My short time there kept me going non-stop between packing and organizing for our move. By the time moving day rolled around, I was definitely ready to return to normal in so many different ways. I feel like these last couple weeks in our new home (which have also seen me working at home once again) have been so cathartic. Of course, there's always the chaos that comes with the boxes and unpacking. But its a chaos I've welcomed with open arms and a grateful heart. 

Can't wait to share more of our new home as we begin to live our life here in this sweet new space!

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  1. Yay. I have been patiently waiting for a new post. Such a beautiful home you have. Can't wait to see many more posts in the near future. Xo


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