Feb 27, 2014

A quick recap before the fun stuff!

So much happened during the 5 weeks leading up to our move into the new place that I feel I would be remiss and a little out of order if I started writing regularly in real-time without recapping a little. But where to start? Most of it was just busy, everyday life that had us running. Nothing of real consequence worth mentioning except that life just felt really busy. Packing up the storage unit, our little life at the cabin and my borderline hoarding of new-home goods collected over the last four months kept us pretty busy when we weren't working :)

The biggest event though, was on the Friday before we moved. Long story short, it had been a strange day and we were all feeling a little unravelled. Lincoln had been so good with the long hours I was working at the family business. I decided he and I both needed a good walk at the park. Two minutes left to go, we were headed towards the car when unprovoked and seemingly out of nowhere, the poor guy got lunged at by a German Shepherd. The bite seemed small at first, but proved to be much larger upon further inspection. By the time the surgery was done, he had a 10" long wound with 20 staples holding it together and a funny little t-shirt covering the whole mess up. Antibiotics, pain-meds and no exercise for 2 weeks were the doctor's orders. The timing was certainly unfortunate and the whole incident definitely shook him up as we prepared to moved yet one more time. 

We can be very grateful that the owner of the other dog was an exceptionally honourable woman who felt terrible about the incident and paid for the medical expenses without excuse. She was actually a very lovely lady who happened to own a dog who behaved poorly. We can also be very grateful it wasn't a mauling and the wound itself didn't involve muscle damage. 

Lincoln recently got the go ahead to have the staples removed and the t-shirt along with them. The t-shirt cracked us up pretty hard, but we're happy to see his wiry fuzz once again. His left shoulder is shaved down and shows the scar pretty visibly right now. It will take several months for everything to grow in, so I'm sure it will be pictured here on the blog at some point. Thought I would save you the carnage this early into the recovery though ;)

Thankfully the hectic season of pre-move, moving, surgery and physical recovery are all behind us and we have our sweet new home to relax in. 

Now onto the fun stuff! I've been decorating like a mad-woman and I can't wait to share. I plan on doing a mini tour of the house first to give some perspective of what we're starting with and then share where things go from there. So excited to decorate, thrift, DIY and tweak again :)


  1. Poor Lincoln! Glad to hear he is Ok. What a tough cookie.
    The house looks beautiful and I can't see what you do decorating wise. I am still on the hunt for inspiration for my place ;)
    Congrats again on the big move! You guys certainly deserve to settle in after everything thats been going on!

    1. Thanks so much Meagan! We're so excited to finally be moved in and enjoying our new space. We'll have to have you over to see it eventually :) Hoping you'll be moving into your place soon!


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