Sep 23, 2014

our life lately // vol. 2

So the snow melted! Oh happy and reasonable September day! To celebrate we resumed our walks along the river sans winter jackets and just soaked up the warm sunshine and green grass that had been so rudely buried in snow last week. We're still enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures and I gotta think that's mama natures way of rewarding us for putting up with the little snow tantrum she threw. Whatever the case, we'll take it! 

Snapped this pic of our bed the other day because our room was so sunny and I realized how happy looking at our first big DIY project seems to make me on a daily basis. Fuel for this girl's DIY fire, really. Little moments like that seem to encourage me to keep making this house our home and I love that. 

In between work, building, sanding and painting we saw friends for catchups, cruised on over to our favourite burger joint and squeezed in some quality spoon time with a rogue wolfhound we found laying around our house ;)  Life's too short. You really gotta take a minute every now and then to enjoy the simple things. We did that this week. And it was good. 

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